FL display data transmission start. The display on the left indicates the progress of the test. Attach a copy of the slip for service or a memo stating symptoms in as much detail as possible. Remove the five screws. A Remove the two screws. Audio Signal Route H.

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During Aging mode, the following operations are repeated in the order shown below.

Download Samsung – CD-ROM drivers free –

Ro, if the unit shown in the photos and illustrations in this manual may differ from your product, the procedures described here are common. To enter each mode, press the corresponding key “1”-“4” on the remote control unit for servicing.

Video Signal Route R: Is “not exceeded” displayed? Please input 27 MHz clock.

Yes Is disc valid? It tells me to insert disk 3 for the audio streaming.

A B Press the “3” key while the menu screen is displayed, then the “2” key on the remote control unit for servicing.


Is output signal of INT0 pin 36 “H”? Otherwise, the results of analysis may not be correct. If that happens, repair the unit, as described below, then perform downloading again: ST Lights when a FM radio broadcast is being received in auto stereo mode.

The possibility of a problem on the drive side is high. To update the data on the subscreen, press the SEARCH key on the remote control unit for service while subscreen 4 is displayed.

Take care that restoration of the user’s data recorded on the HDD is totally impossible. Depending exo the device, the vendor name may not be set in ConfigROM.


Remote control unit for servicing GGF B 1. The error rate cannot be measured in VR mode or during CD playback.

Initialization of the peripheral circuit register and RAM, etc. If the tray pops out a little, fully pull it out by a hand. STOP is not accepted until ep digits are entered. A copy-permitted source is being input.


Date of Manufacturer C Seagate Note: Has an error occurred? In addition, be sure that there are no pinched wires, etc.


Therefore, when replacing, be sure to use parts of identical designation. Version of the drive too old 80 OK NG: I don’t think your problem is your DVD drive. When spark traces or similar marks are found on the power supply plug, please check the connection and advise on secure connections and suitable usage. See Table 1 below for a description of each item and the conditions for updating data. If it is from 3 to 7, the HDD must be replaced. Press ” 32 ” by using the remote control unit for service GGF The following must be observed when handling the HDD: Version of the tuner microcomputer too old 1.

Audio Signal Route TV: In this mode, specific settings can be made for up to 12 channels.

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