Originally posted by 12am I think nvidia should put out a single board sli version of the ti, Yeah, I’ll get one Also, mplayer starts for a second, and then it exits out quickly. I think you should know something I just like the way the Ibook looks. Bea Linux has a neat cat as logo Definitely not a hotrod system compared to the others in this thread, and it does fine.

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I seen the creepiest thing a while back, I went to Chinatown in Toronto and everywhere I looked there were smiling Val Kilmer pictures. SmartDraw experts are standing by ready to help finidh that circuit diagram electrical drawing for free. I did two installs and replaced a card just to be extra sure.

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Ive managed to configure xfree in slackware, debian, and some other distros and it didnt gave me 1288m usefull knowledgement. Anyway im off to bed if anyone has anything important im on aim or whatever othr im network. What should I do?

Is there a utility for removing unneeded dependencies? Wich is the difference between the kind of acces ubuntu and debian give to the sites and the one given by gentoo? Turns out mplayer will install k7 if you use the marillat testing repo.


Glad it worked for you; I was kinda expecting it not to. I have had any number of cards, all of them overclocked. My second problem with you is the first thing you did after reading the beatrix article is to jump beforce the room and get admin privledges and then shout that here, yi4600d it is either a hard to become an admin of an empty channel; or b ethically right to channel hijack someone elses distro for the cause of mainting admin rights in the event they ever want to use it. D or count the vid in any of the ummm Perhaps i should delete that.

Originally posted by Bigsexy Well I like my screen real estate: How does one usually change consoles on this hardware? Sorry 128n this is bothering others in channel I really want to see KDE stay far away from my precious Ubuntu.

Alot of people are complaining about that. Well it is, but it’s not supported in linux: Kamion, is there a command which removes all orphaned packages?

Quest-Master, maybe only with Ubuntu, they probably patch it up. Ubuntu is a shiny Debian, and I love it.


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Electronic Circuits Software electrical cadpcb designer, pic programmer free download more electronics circuit software. I got this error message: Everyone who loves Ubuntu – check out www. You are suggesting, quite specifically, that the game call sleep n with n greater than 0. Tsjoklat, thats why you’re my 1 ubuntu girl.

I wish I could have it minimize to the system tray only tho. It’s got ti4060d much more to do with aside from color depth. The new forums are live Please adjust your ti4060d to https: No such file or directory.

You should have made a poll, rather than have each person list. My dad just recently told me about this article he read, that said that multitasking is hugely damaging on the human mind: I just wish there didn’t have to be a computer menu. Any ideas what could be wrong?

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