Remove the top covers and note the value of A10R — if there is an R1 10 installed sec Figure Field Office locations are listed at the back of the manual. Table gives the typical measurement times, using the HP-IB. DC-CMR 1 1 0. The circuit output would be: If the instrument is operated outside for the temperature range for a given set of specifica- tions, the appropriate temperature coefficients, listed in Table , must be added to those specifications. The required accuracy can be obtained by adjusting the Test Oscillator output so that the SA reading at 10 kHz is the same as the reading ob- tained with the highly accurate AC Calibrator.

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The ac input attenuator is an RC circuit which provides a fixed attenuation of to-l on the V ac and V ac ranges.

HP Pavilion x Monitor – Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support

Switch Driver Voltage Levels 8-B Set the Test Oscillator frequency to 10 kHz and adjust its level controls for the 5 volt A reading recorded in step h. These constants are sequentially updated. Alternating current power line.


Power Requirements This is done by setting the instrument to the desired range and short the input leads at the measuring point. The nominal output signal current on the. Description of the part.

Hp Mosfet Driver – fxtorrents

Two-Wire Ohm Accuracy Test Four-Wire Ohms Accuracy Test Customers may provide own analog design. The A employs an automatic calibration AUTO CAL feature which automatically cor- rects for possible gain and offset errors in the analog cir- cuitry to provide maximum accuracy.

However, the device must be HP-IB compatible. If higher accuracy is desired, an ac-to-dc thermal transfer techni- que Figure can be used.

Refer to paragraph for guarding information. Disconnect the Decade Resistor. Connect a clip lead across the resistor.


The following illustrates the status Byte message in- dicating the purpose of each relevant “bit”. Device control messages are issued by the system controller to manage instruments on the bus. Auto-Cal Constants 8-B The feedback path for the1 10 Mf2 Reference Measurements.


Power Cable The instrument will then update the cal moosfet for accurate measurements. HI Acbisrut 2K Bus Messages Always downrange the Reference Divider before downranging the A.

T roubleshooting Diagrams 8-H The Test Cards may be reproduced without written permission from Hewlett-Packard. When the Auto-Cal function is disabled to obtain faster reading rates, moxfet is recommend- ed to periodically return the 34SSA to the Auto-Cal mode in order to update the cal constants.

The Filter Amplifier has a fixed gain of approximately 6.

If you do not have access to such facilities you may. Bench Use Gp Requirements Be sure to maintain null when the Reference Divider’s output is changed. Two ac feedback paths provide fixed gains of 1 or 0.

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