Redirects command output to a file. Following are the commands you can use at isql prompt:. When you reset the command terminator, do not use SQL reserved words or control characters. Used only with DCE security. Use -a with -J to specify the character set translation file. When specified, login information is automatically encrypted when it is transmitted between components.

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This command relies on the set plan command. View this document as PDF. Specifies the name and location of the interfaces file to search when connecting to Adaptive Server.

If you enter an option more than once on the command line, isql uses the last value. Secure SQL Server only enables multilevel users to set the session labels for the bulk-copy. Starting the SQL interactive interface.

Used only with DCE security. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be possible to change the width on non-character columns like integer, smallint etc. You can also press Ctrl-c anywhere on a line to cancel the current query and return to the isql prompt.

The file must include a command terminator. Following are the commands you can use at isql prompt:. If you do not specify -Iisql looks for an interfaces file, interfaces located in the Sybase release directory. For errors of the severity level specified or higher, only the message number, state, and error level are displayed; no error text appears.


Isqk binaries like isql have the same names in both the bit and bit products. Execute operating system commands by starting a line with two exclamation points!! If a number representing the blob sub-type is passed, then only BLOBs with the specififc sub-type will be displayed. Firebird is slash agnostic and automatically converts either type of slash to suit the relevant operating system.

This table lists the commands you can execute within interactive isql: Other characters produce conversion errors. This repeats for each and every row returned by the query. Writes results to an output file instead of to standard output; in interactive sessions, use -output to write results to a file. Dsfault the default database charcter set is not NONE, then in situations where the client uses a different character set to the database, it is possible to suffer from data corruption as some character sets defaul convert some characters to a suitable character in another character set.

Initiates the login connection to the server with client-side password encryption.

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A page can display defwult to 24 lines of commands. If you don’t pass a character set, the default will be to use the NONE character set. When you commit or rollback in isql, the default transaction ends, and a new default transaction begins. Allows you to run isql from a terminal where the character set differs from that of the machine on which isql is running. To cefault isql interactively, enter isql and any of the optional flags at your operating system prompt.


Isql Set Commands

They should be BLOBdisplay. The default is 1 for text sub-types. The default may not necessarily be the character set that the client is using. Isql will not exit if it is running in interactive mode, and you cause an error. To call an editor on the current iwql buffer, enter its name as the first word on a line. If set plan off had been executed, this command would have no effect, so turning planonly on has the additional effect of executing set plan on implicitly.

This command specifies whether warnings are to be output.

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