A relative path is based on the current directory. The parameter must be one of on or off. On Linux, this file is owned by the root user and so, must be updated by the root user. The official name of an alternate language to display isql prompts and messages. This value affects only the time that isql waits for the server to respond to a login attempt. Alternatively, a remote connection would be made as follows, specifying the server name and the database alias together:. Disables display of the table headers output.

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This command sets whether all DDL statements executed will be automatically committed or not. Once I simplified everything it worked great. Initiates the login connection to the server with client-side password encryption. Specifies your Adaptive Server password.

Secure SQL Server only enables multilevel users to set the session labels for the bulk-copy. If the session is currently attached to a database of a different dialect to the one specified in the command, a warning is displayed.

Executing this command, defsult passing a parameter, results in a toggling of the current state.

Specifies the character set to use on the client. When using edfault interactively, read and display an operating system file into the command buffer using:. Of course, you can connect however you want. You must enclose the entire application name in single quote or double quote characters if it contains any white spaces that do not use the backslash escape character.


More recent Firebird versions will raise an exception rather than a warning. John Cutsinger 1 4.

Setting Default SQL Server Database Using ISQL | James Wiseman

Do not include the command terminator in the file; once you have finished editing, enter the terminator interactively on a line by itself. In the examples above, we have been using the full path to the database file.

Reads an operating system file into the command buffer and then displays it. SNAPSHOT – meaning that this transaction will be guaranteed a non-volatile view of the data and will be unaffected by any changes made and committed in any other defxult that take place while this one remains unfinished by a commit or rollback.

Specifies the name and location of the interfaces file to search when connecting to Adaptive Server. Double wildcards such as:?:?

Hides your input during an isql session.

Command-line options for starting the SQL interactive interface

Specifies the name of an operating system file to store the output from isql. Normally, it consist of a single line. When I try to connect to the database using isql tool, I get the following error:.


Disables display of the table headers output. So, now when you log on, your database is ready and waiting to be used without having to manually select it. FDB on the cosmos Linux server, we need to add the following to defautl aliases. Starting the SQL interactive interface. The syntax for the –conceal option is:. Displays help information about the command-line options and exits.

The jsql is visible if it is specified on the command line. Pipes the output of a command to an external application.

Invoking isql – InterBase

The default prints headings only once for each set of query results. Running the SQL interactive interface in secure mode. If you have scripts that perform routines based on the values of these messages you may need to rewrite them. The last line of the above output indicates that these commands can be abbreviated to the letters in capitals.

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