I rather not disclose my source as to not get in trouble by the legality of how I obtained it Yer but who cares if I pay for it I should be able to do whatever I want with it. Ok so I just got online am happy that the Lan and Video is working I would like to remote access your PC so I could see what else i can get for you working.. I know what you mean about the Appleintelpowermanagment kext specially laptops and gigabyte dont suffer as much as asus does you are right but people do choose gigabyte more because there is greater community making better DSDTs, I suppose the BIOS solution is a permanent fix and I will test it out, as most of my boards to hackintosh are asus You’re better off hand-picking each piece of hardware if you want to assure compatibility. Works with the NatitX r1v1 Installer Download. You need to edit gfx strings.

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Chameleon is already on it?

Its a subject that feels like walking on egg shells to talk about. At first I thought I killed the motherboard sound after splitting the audio between the motherboard sound and my xfi card on the same wire.

Ok just to clarify: X so my guess is that the chipset for the Audio or Ethernet is not included try disabling the Lan cos their isnt a kext for it anyway that way it will late you install then we can worry about DSDTs and Kexts I’ll look in to it later.


Thanks for any help and please delete this if it’s not allowed. Does the disk that comes with the mbp work? Works with iDeneb v1, Leo4All v4. I read the tonymac tuts a lil more closely – I now can boot without the DVD!

Linksys Compact Wireless-G USB Adapter WUSB54GC – Network – osxorg

Linksyd February 5, It looks like I need a retail copy to install it anyway so I don’t think I can pirate or use the oem copy. Their are plenty of guides try this one HERE http: So what should I do if I don’t use the dsdt?

Read my thread below, as well as Ilnksys post 29 linked below to get it working. I’ve made some progress with SL but not Lion. I think this thread is going to be allowed to stay, well, with a bit of a twist.

Launch Disk Utility and click the burn button. Working using this post kexts from If you need any help, lknksys me. Totally vanilla without any problems. Of course always check http: Tested with Kalyway, Atkos54, Leo4Allv4. Zydas driver can be downloaded from ftp.

Hackintosh [Archive] – XtremeSystems Forums

Posted April 25, A pretty good how to you will find over at tonymacx The categories themselves are ordered by popularity. Check out my Video!


Don’t add hardware just because you think it might work. Was really cool because now I can install OSX without getting crashes from power management kext errors!

HCL 10.4.1

Ok I presume that your board osd86 AHCI when you set your HDDs to Enhance cos Gigabytes mobos call options differently to other boards donno why lol but yeah after loading the disc all you gotta type is -v and press enter, linksyz splash screen will go black and white letters will load up and the cpu cores will load and other stuff if it stops or KPs right down the error and type it here, mind you it might load really slow or it might take a while to load as linksye as the disc keeps spinning you are good: Dual monitor and TV-out not tested.

This is a component level hardware compatibility list. I have obviously needed to re-install OSX People fool themselves into thinking putting on a Mac apple sticker on their PC makes it legal.

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