Apparently, there are two different Midland XTC kits available: The XTC is a very easy-to-use video camera that takes surprisingly good quality video. Always check before purchasing. It includes all of the above plus the waterproof housing, a goggle mount, handlebar mount for bicycles and both a car charger and wall outlet charger. I should have spent the money on the GoPro.

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Midland XTC-300 Camcorder

The files are dated haphazardly with no connections to the correct date other than in chronological order. Product specifications, features and details may change or differ from our descriptions. It comes on briefly when the camera is first turned on, then it flashes while recording.

Last night I charged the battery overnight, wiped the SD card fresh, and set the camera on the table recording micland wall to see how long the battery would last. When the slider is pushed forward, the camera turns on and it starts recording. I stopped for supper, leaving the camera turned off a while, then tried it again on the ride home.

Midland XTC-300 Review

So did Midland hit the HD jackpot? We can definitely recommend the Midland XTC as one of the easiest-to-use, straightforward motorcycle video cameras available. Again, leaving it off for a bit seemed to allow it to recover. By continuing to use this site you agree to these cookies. About the author Rick Midlanv. However, it only did so once as the camera unexpectedly turned itself off before I arrived at my destination.


The switch was ztc-300 on, but all the lights were off. A battery light goes from green to red to blinking red to off to indicate battery life in descending order, and the microSD card light indicates how much space is left on the memory card.

I have full charged the battery and re-formatted the SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSD card each time before usage and still experience this problem. As I wanted the camera to catch the highlights of long distance rides, my primary concern was battery life and this products seemed to have the best reviews for that use.

We never noticed midlannd file naming issue, as we bring each file into Adobe Premiere Elements for post-processing anyway, and the files are then renamed ,idland on their content.

I have to keep it in the weather proof case as the spring loaded door failed sometime in the last month. Before using it I charged the battery with mixland included wall-mount-to-USB charger, waiting overnight until the light went solid green.

I like having a standard camera mount on the bottom.

It includes all of the above plus the waterproof housing, a goggle mount, handlebar mount for bicycles and both a car charger and wall outlet charger.

Belstaff Pioneer Pants Review. More frames per second usually means smoother video, all things equal. Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.

Midland XTC Camcorder | eBay

By the way, as soon as I read your review, I immediately emailed the rep with elation this prior to my trip this past weekend but my email was returned as invalid so he has left Midland. We prefer the p video at 60fps though, for its very smooth rendition. That and the relatively narrow cylinder-like shape of the camera body make it a good choice for helmet mounting. I was able to midalnd record three twenty minute track sessions without any issue.


The battery life story is baffling to me. Midland recommends a minimum of a Class 4 microSD memory card but we have found that brand-name cards of Class 10 work much more reliably with HD video cameras.

Midland XTC Review – webBikeWorld

The price, especially considering the variety of mounts that xfc-300 included, is also impressive. One last thing, when I was concerned about the tinny sound away from the motor on my bike, with the cam helmet mounted I was told to put a piece of duct tape over the mike, which I did. I re-read the owners manual and found that if you remove the battery from the camera, it erases all data on the SD card. We had no trouble connecting or reading the microSD imdland on the computer and uploading the files.

Comments are ordered from most recent to oldest. Push the slider back and the recording stops and the camera shuts off.

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