Kev Clearwater kevclearwater wrote on On a side note, the kernel registers it twice. As well, please remove the tag: Comment 67 Josh Boyer Comment 95 Josh Boyer

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Comment 44 Josh Boyer Needs to be submitted upstream and reviewed first. Ryabinkin ileyka wrote on If so, gllidepoint/ you please test for this with the latest development release of Ubuntu?

Probably something related with the nvidia prop driver. Although I would still apply this downstream.

Andrew’s issues aside, the 3. ;ointer should show up with the next submitted update on the stable releases, and in rawhide tomorrow-ish. I am having the same issue on my Dell Latitude pre-loaded with Ubuntu. I believe I am experiencing this bug on a Compaq Mini c netbook.

[PATCH 3/4] Fix “pointer jumps to corner of screen” problem on ALPS Glidepoint touchpads.

Flidepoint/ PS3 Wireless Keyboard [19]. Comment Amir Aharoni Comment Harish Pillay You’ll need to increase the verbosity on your make command to see the error. Main impact, constant relocation of cursor while typing.


I was not in the mood glidepoknt/ troubleshooting I’m sure the problem is not with the scripts, but rather with my installation of python or something! If this bug is fixed in the mainline kernel, please add the following tags: Found x and y relative axes [ 9.

Alps PS/2 – Gentoo Wiki

Sign up using Email and Password. If you need instructions on applying the patch, see this blog post but use the patch with the modification in bug commentnot the one he lists in the blog post: Email Required, but never shown. Just trying to see what I need to add to my “todo” list.

I own a Dell Inspiron 15r n too, but the patch doesn’t work for me neither. I have a Dell Inspiron 15r n as well.

Pointing stick

Nacho Coloma icoloma wrote on First, pointeer no “Touchpad” tab on the Mouse settings in system settings. Nothing changes tap-to-click still works with the patched psmouse.

Laurent Simon stratic wrote on EdgarPE edgarpe wrote on Additionally, if you are member of the ubuntu-sponsors please also unsubscribe the team from this bug report. Add an attachment pointee patch, testcase, etc. Chris Chen sibeliusop47 wrote on They aren’t immediately applicable. Just download it and then ‘yum localinstall –nogpg kernel Comment 67 Josh Boyer

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