Redhook Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: My question is, is the CE worth the extra money? Well I have the P4P, a P4 2. The latter will give you slightly better memory scores thanks to PAT. There’s a little more space around the AGP slot. It has everything one could need, with the exception of SCSI onboard. Jan 15, Posts:

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Thu Jan 15, I have been using Asus motherboard since and have had nothing but good luck with them.

Asus :: P4C800-E Deluxe vs P4P800 Deluxe

Those are my major gripes about the sound, as it sounds alright during playback of cd’s and games that I have played thus far. My P4PD has been running for 5 months straight almost.

Someone mentioned treble control? All in all, it’ll be a good gaming machine – not the best though. Personally I wouldn’t consider a gigabyte motherboard at the moment.

ZioniXNov 26, Looks p4c800/p4p8000 I’ll be looking for a Realtek sound based board. If the Asus P4P Deluxe is as good for general gaming as the other two more expensive boards then i’m not gonna go spend that extra cash on either of them Wed Jan 14, 4: Thanks for the info and anecdote.


I just ordered one of these mobo’s for my GF along with some 5. Great feedback so far, but I’d like to elaborate on the Soundmax chip that comes with the P4P Deluxe; it sucks, when it comes down to it.

My current plan is to upgrade to an Audigy 2 ZS in a month or so. I am using the onboard sound and think it sounds ok, although I have a bitching sound card to put in it but have just been to lazy to install it.

If you’re paying for a cpu like the 2. Asus P4P is better then both stock. Fri Jan 16, Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor.

Best mobo for gaming: Asus P4P Del./P4CE Del. or Gig Ga-8KNXP? | guru3D Forums

This is the 18th, and it’s wonderful. I experience crackling at random times I think when applications load and whatnot, but I haven’t pinpointed it.

Originally posted by MyCat: I run everything stock and everything runs smooth and looks fantastic. P4800/p4p800 22, Posts: Jun 17, Posts: There’s a little more space around the AGP slot.


I’m looking to get cash in my A7N8X Del. The reviews on both seem very good. You’ve picked out the difference in the LAN. I have a P4CE I can sell ya. At moment, i’m geared towards running the Intel 2.

Jun 5, Posts: Overall, it’s been a great solution, and I really dig the software jack-sense. P4P Deluxe offers good gaming speeds and gigabyt asus i offers better ocing, it all depends on what you want, their price range are not big P4C Deluxe and P4P Deluxe both run in the dollar range depending on vendor genrally P4C is more asuz cus its i Board is pretty nice.

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