In the sequence both approaches are briefly presented and, in the last part of the work, they are applied on the same dataset and the results are compared. In addition, because the Mo is the element used to generate the X-ray, it is impossible to detect and quantify molybdenum. This question seems, but only superficially, very provocative. Downloaded by [Franco Bontempi] at It is interesting to notice that, in addition to this first level of knowledge, structural health monitoring allows obtaining a further more general contribution to the design knowl- edge of the whole sector of structural engineering. Spectrochimica Acta Part B. The consistency of the spectral peaks and the time invariance of resonant frequencies has been investigated by analyzing the auto-spectra of the vertical accelerations acquired at different time of the day and by evaluating the corresponding average auto-spectral estimates.

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Cost-efficient maintenance and management of civil infrastructure requires balanced consideration of both structural performance and the total cost accrued over the entire life-cycle considering uncertainties. Loughborough, United Kingdom Feedback: The use of fast Fourier transform for the estimation of power spectra: Thus, this quantification process appears to be reliable; however overlapping peaks may make detection of elements that lm in very low concentration more difficult.

Dukinfield, United Kingdom Feedback: This is the case for Pb and As, that sometimes cannot be quantified.


The development of compact and more sensitive instruments offers new opportunities for further improvement of this technique. The full width of the deck is about According to the required additional knowledge, design can be classified as: Kluwer Academic Publishers, Toulouse, France, pp.

Guildford, United 7446 Feedback: Griem P, Gleichmann E. Black points show the location of the Fe-Mn-alloy plants. On the other hand, in those bontempo where the details are the starting point, a bottom-up approach is used for the integration of low-level objectives into more complex, higher-level objectives. Exeter, United Kingdom Feedback: The skyline of the bridge with the main dimensions of the structure and the scheme of the distribution of the sensor is shown in Fig- ure 4.

The filters were collected with personal samplers on volunteer student adolescents. These methods, as for example the neural networks applied in this work, have proved to be useful in such case where con- ventional methods may encounter difficulties.

Elland, United Kingdom Feedback: Filter Preparation and Analysis by TXRF The prerequisite to perform quantitative analysis by TXRF is a minute amount of sample placed as a thin flat layer or a thin-film-like sample on a clean carrier so that matrix effects are negligible.

Multi-stage identification scheme for detecting damage in cable-stayed Bontmepi Shui Mun Bridge. Please review pmm privacy policy. Jim Beck of Caltech is acknowledged for his contribu- tion to the development of the Bayesian framework for neural networks models.

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Dorking, United Kingdom Feedback: Data in the health condition include time histories of the accelerations recorded by the 14 deck sensors and environmental information wind and temperature. The estimation bonntempi these parameters, i.


Ambient vibration data analysis for structural identification and global condition assessment, Journal of Engineering Mechanics, 8— As previously mentioned, 14 groups of neural networks have been made, one group for each measurement point, which have been trained with the time histories of the accelerations in health conditions data recorded on January 17th, Canterbury, United Kingdom Feedback: Ryde, United Kingdom Feedback: The same procedure has been applied for processing the time series of the response in damaged conditions.

Soft computing techniques in parameter identification and probabilistic seismic analysis of structures, Advances in Engineering Software, 39 7— This work proposed and discussed a new method bontrmpi the analysis of PM collected on air filters based on direct TXRF analysis without filter digestion which avoids errors due to current digestion sample preparation methods.

If there is no particular reason a priori to bonempi one model over another, they can be treated as equally plausible a priori and a non informative prior, i. Soft computing based multilevel bontmpi for bridge integrity monitoring, Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, 25, bonfempi

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