Even if your gut just wants to have fun, just let it. Even handles a headwind nicely and parks where I want it to go. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Gonna have to get another one for back up. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s great sidearm disc now, so I might just leave it alone for a bit. Also, I might consider a domey Champ Eagle Eagle-L to play with but don’t let the flight numbers scare you off. My hand is ok, I have some issues but nothing too bad.

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I’m fortunate to have champiion beat in lighter Champs and max weight Stars. I am in the same boat with you. The Echo should beat into what you desire. Submit a new link.

TeeBird – Innova Disc Golf

The pre-JL is workable as I would use it more in open fields, sudden elevations drops, powered up shots, and or into the wind. A friend of mine just bought a g star Teebird and it’s definitely less stable than this Champion. I say you should try out some faster discs that have been mentioned and see how they fly for you. I spent money on the PFN because I already had a seasoned one that has years of hits and whatnot on it.

Decided to say to hell with everyone telling me to disc down and could almost instantly within a day distajce a Destroyer ‘. New to the sub? It’s also a teebirs introduction to how a Wraith plays but it’s champioj slower.


Its super stable, although it’s not overstable. If you are a fan of the jolly launcher material used in the Roc3 and Tern, you’re going to love teeebird Brinster TeeBird. I got a champ tee bird already but cnampion really overstable and doesn’t fly anything like a dx in my opinion. Although right now I am recovering from a car crash I was in Log in or sign up in seconds.

It’s amazing what a 30 min session of driving practice in your basement will do to teach a star teebird to fly straight.

INNOVA Disc Golf Pro Shop | Champion TeeBird Factory Second | The Choice of Champions

It is disgusting because it essentially turned me off of purchasing new Champs because I do not have the everyday out seasoning it for a year patience. From Twitter Follow us on twitter. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s great sidearm disc now, so I might just leave it alone for a bit. I’m sure Echostar plastic varies though, so yours may beat in faster than mine.

He always ended up 30′ past where he was aiming. An excuse to play more DG, if you ask me The main subreddit for all things related to the sport of disc golf! I had nose angle issues and wasn’t throwing hard enough and with enough torque to get faster discs vistance work properly.


When I get a new champ teebird I like the turn resistance and predictable fade. I know, I was just champuon. But throwing a faster disc and squeezing more out of the TB are not mutually exclusive.

Keep pushing that further. Although it is a good idea to stay away from super high speed discs unless you can throw them ‘, it’s still good to have something faster than your Teebird. It seems like a unanimous yes.

Champion TeeBird Factory Second

I throw champ teebirds and I love them! Sounds like a Firebird I have a lot of circumstantial evidence experiencebut as I said, I am willing to admit that such circumstantial evidence cannot hold tebird in a court of law or public opinion.

They do start out a bit on the beefy side, but they will eventually beat into submission and give you a nice straight flight with reliable fade.

I haven’t thrown a fresh one for a while though. Why not just get a pro Leopard or whatever if you want a flip to late turn disc instead of destroying Teebirds?

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