Kiama Blowhole – panoramio. When you capture a close-up image in macro mode, the resolution of the corners of the image may be inferior. The first image is captured about 10 seconds after the shutter button is pressed, and then the second image is captured 2 seconds later. Battery world in Hornsby wew very helpful and so go and see them. Choosing The Display Language 4.

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I have fully charged battery but cannot get camera to operate by opening. This might cause heat to build up and deform the case, resulting in fire.

Traveler DC XZ6 Reviews –

Mode Dial Panorama Allows you to capture panorama stitch-assist shots. You may also press the SET button to confirm the deletion. Using The Optical Zoom The lens position moves according to the zoom button setting. Slide the camera x6z into the docking station as shown in the illustration. Your trust is our top concern.

Aldi Traveler DC / DC / DC-XZ6 replacement V mAh Li-Ion. Digital Camera battery.

The image printing may fail if the power to the camera is cut off. Set the number of prints with the buttons, and press the SET button. Contact your Local Authority Waste Disposal Department as they will be able to provide details of the recycling options available in your area. Julius Patching and Jake Warcaba.


Page 53 If a voice memo has already been sz6 either by dub recording or attaching voice memo afterwardsthe voice memo can not be replaced or recorded again. Page 88 Insert a new memory card. Queen Mary 2 – panoramio – Lobster1 7.

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Pat Lisk replied on Dec 28, The setting will be stored and the screen will return to the Setup2 dd. To select the image to be displayed at regular size, follow the steps in the above section. Gud luck Pat Lisk replied on Dec 28, xa6 Compose the image, press the shutter button down halfway, then press it down fully.

Exit from Images option. Protection and cancellation of the protection are executed and the camera returns to playback mode. Got it, continue to print. An [ ] icon is displayed with images that have been recorded with a voice memo.

Use the camera in a well- ventilated place. Note that the semi-transparent background image temporarily recorded in step 2 is for composition purposes only.

Page 38 Select this mode when you want to capture dark scenes such as night views. The camera is ready when the status LED is off. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. If the devise is not to be used, remove it and place the cigarette lighter back into its outlet.


When everything is aligned correctly, record the right side of the image. Frequently Asked Questions Long period of continuous use of the The battery or camera feels warm.

The final image contains only what is in front of the camera when the shutter button is pressed in step 4.

For [ ] mode, only backlight correction can be set.

Replacement battery for Traveler DC8300 / DC8600 / DC-XZ6

Press the SET button to play back voice memos. The lens position moves according to the zoom button setting. Safety Instructions During the course of a thunderstorm, please do not operate the camera or use its AC adaptor. Always keep the battery terminals clean.

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