Contact the Veterans Clerk for proper procedure. State grants for undergraduate students. See the class schedule for the amount of the fee. When unusual circumstances prevail, a petition may be filed at the Admissions and Records Office requesting a reasonable extension of time. All fees are due at the time of registration, which will occur approximately two weeks prior to the semester start date. Some skills may be learned in less than one semester; others may require two, three or four semesters to complete.

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However, there are courses listed under Option I that are not transferable to the four-year universities and therefore transfer students who wish to use this option should see a GWC counselor for assistance in planning the most appropriate educational program.

The third and fourth semesters offer detailed expansion of technical knowledge, which includes the design process phases, code and project development standards for commercial and industrial projects.

Students who are financially dependent on gsc parents or legal guardians will be required to pay nonresident tuition if their parents or legal guardians reside outside the state even though such students may have lived in California for one year or more.

2010-2011 – Golden West College

Courses taken at 4-year schools in California or at out-of- state 2-year or 4-year schools must be equivalent to courses offered at GWC. All qualified students are welcome to take advantage of the following services: Outdoor facilities feature a rubberized all-weather track, football field, baseball diamond, softball diamonds, tennis, basketball, sand volleyball, and handball courts, golf utility field, and soccer field.


Students eager to dedicate themselves to these challenging and enriching classes may enroll in an honors class without joining the Honors Program. Spring Recess Campus Closed April Completion of Areas A through E.

Private insurance is not accepted. Completion of Honors Program Application and submission of required documentation. Please note that all campuses give admission priority to upper division transfer students. Students needing to show completion of course prerequisites — personal copies are acceptable. Students 2030 be enrolled in at least 6 units to maintain eligibility for most financial aid programs, but may still be eligible for a Pell Gwwc if enrolled in less than six 6 units.

Exemptions Some students may be exempted from assessment, orientation, advisement and we if they meet one of the following criteria: To remain eligible in subsequent semesters, they must satisfactorily complete 24 units between seasons of competition, and maintain a cumulative 2.

What Courses Can Be Certified? OR Area of Concentration: It is available at the GWC Records office. Test applications are also available e. Students must be in attendance at Golden West College for the entire semester and must take the final examination to receive credit.

Care and maintenance of equipment will be emphasized. Also, students who refuse matriculation services will gwd receive priority registration. These folders are the property of the college. In the laboratory, three hours in the classroom per week with no outside work constitute one unit of credit. While students are advised to complete all of their transfer requirements during their freshman and sophomore years, they may be completed at the four-year colleges in most instances. Three courses, with at least one from Group A and one from Group B for a total gwd 9 semeter units or quarter units.


Enrollment ze two sections of the same course is not permitted. Participation in the Extended Opportunity Program is based on state mandated guidelines.

– Golden West College

Courses that are non-credit or not associate degree applicable gcw designated as such at the end of the course description. All graduating members may wear a gold stole at the GWC graduation ceremony. The following types of classes should be completed if possible before students transfer.

Students who are certified with 39 semester units of lower-division GE-Breadth units will be required to complete a minimum of 9 semester units of upper division general education work after transfer. You are encouraged to check the Study Abroad webpage, gwd Units may be transferable to California State University campuses as elective units. Students who plan to enroll at a community college ar transferring to a four-year college or university may apply for a community college reserve grant through Cal Grant A.

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