An attempt to convert a column to a numeric value caused a truncation of decimal digits. If you choose Generic , you must provide the complete path to the application directory into which you wish to install the Data Access Driver. However, it has been agreed at board level to send someone else on the course as a backup. When you add a data structure, the Configure Data Source tab appears. When row security is active, the statement is modified to include the appropriate WHERE clause for filtering secured rows. On system Data Sources, click Add.

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You attempted to get data from the driver prior to preparing or executing a enterprideone. If the original column value is zero, the date conversion results in a date value of Still not sure what your problem is.

Using Open Data Access

Numeric Value Out of Range An attempt to convert a column to a numeric value failed because the output data type could not accommodate the value in the column. This table lists keywords that you use in the connection string when you write your own database applications:. I have temporarily abandoned the Pass-Through Query approach and am focusing on getting my reports deployed to the Production Server after testing so this should relieve some of the pressures I am under.


ERP systems store their data in complex schema that consists of hundreds of tables and thousands of columns. If you get this error when you attempt to connect to a data source, you might need to create a default data source. The SQL SELECT statement is modified to divide the column by the appropriate number of decimal places so that the data is returned correctly and to make compare operators work for filtering.

ERP Systems

Expanding any table name shows the available columns or fields in each table. Ensure you choose the correct instance type for your intended installation. A user attempted to use a Media Object column in a enterprjseone expression. Manager Loads and unloads drivers on behalf of an application. Refer to Create a Data Access Driver.

You should allocate more room for the column data to avoid this informational message. After you have validated and updated all configuration items, click Continue to proceed to the next installation step.

You must enter the name of an existing data source. You can delete any of the data sources. Select this option to convert currency fields to the correct values.

The driver then changes the value to an acceptable default value and uses this message to let you know that the value has changed. For information on log files, refer to the chapter entitled: Accdss a data source. You must make sure that you are referencing tables on a single system or a business view that contains tables on a single system.


All other references to the currency column in the SQL statement are passed through to the native driver. On the User Data Sources dialog box, click Add.

Select Create New Query. The driver encountered an unknown error during data conversion. Please always include your system configuration info on your posts – otherwise we are ignorant of possibly relevant factors. The Propagate Enterprise Server Config drop-down contains the available enterprise server instances registered with the SM console within a particular selected server group. A user attempted to use a Currency column in a complex expression.

Select this option to return the associated description of the user-defined field instead of the user-defined code. If you choose BI Publisherthat application must already be installed. This isn’t a criticism of you in any way. After the data source is configured, the Connect form appears.

You must understand how the currency column is used to make effective use of filtering.

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