Give us some more information, it’s likely something simple. E-Mail Extended Config This sets functions related to reception and disposition notifications for E-mail when the Internet fax is in use. Select [File Form default] in [Initial setting] screen. Chapters Table Of Contents For detailed settings, refer to [Application Function Settings] After setting the application functions, always return the LCD screen to the [Scanner mode basic] screen. Scanning Documents Checking settings This checks a list of the set functions. List print] key on the [Network setting] screen.

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The factory default is [One sided]. All these functions are password-protected.

Konica Minolta 7235 User Manual

E-Mail Extended Configuration This enables setting items related to reception and disposition notifications on the [E-Mail Extended Configu- ration] page when the Internet fax is in use. V Appendix V Appendix This section covers product specifications for the network scanner and the index.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Information. Specify four sets of three digit numbers, separated by the periods as the default gateway address.

Konica Minolta 7235 Network Setup Manual

Select [Scan Density] in [Initial setting] screen. Chapter 7 When There is Trouble with the Scanner This chapter explains what to do if problems occur with scanner functions.


Method for Setting Network from Control Panel If a password is set, the key operator’s password input screen is displayed. Zone Name The zone in which the network interface card resides is displayed here. Changing Dhcp Settings When you touch the [ ] or [ For details on the procedure for displaying the [Initial setting] screen, refer to [Switching the Key Operator Mode] Page Chapter 8 Key Operator Settings Changing Ftp Setting Selecting the Destination Input the location of the shared folder.

If the hard disk option is connected, box related items are displayed, while PC SMB related items are displayed on page 2.

You can download versatile utilities to optimise device functions. Windows 10 S Support Information. Registering Destinations Input the location of a shared folder. If an error message is displayed on the touch panel, refer to [ Input the address and name on the screen and send as an E-mail attached file.


In addition, provision and support of download ended on September 30, Selecting the Destination Touch the [Body] key. Why don’t you setup scan to ftp?

Scanning Documents Not scanning outside the document Sfanner Image Area Erase This function detects the size of the document set on the platen glass and does not scan the sections outside this size.


All these functions are password protected. Windows 10 April Update Information.

– error with smb scan

Do you think it could be NIC firmware related? Enabling E-mail Send smtp The actual time may be somewhat longer or shorter than the time displayed. Concerning target drivers, etc. The factory default is [OFF] Do not switch screens 735. Scanner driver for reading image data from Box of bizhub and scanning the data into application software supporting TWAIN.

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Up to four attributes can be selected from eight types of attributes on the [LDAP search detail ] screen to perform a search. Maximum Message Size If you have jonica that are using only laptops, there are a few options you can use.

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