Your name or email address: There might be some artifacts but I couldn’t see any. It was a good scanner but the lack of ICE simply does not suit my purpose to scan films. My enthusiasm fading for the film was not due to its qualities, which remain excellent, but I found it to be difficult to scan and the advantages of the film were diminished by mediocre scan results. It has certainly got the specifications for most demanding users and backs most of these up with excellent performance. Share This Page Tweet.

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Scanner installation Although there is a choice of USB or Firewire connection, Firewire is the obvious choice, especially as the scanner comes with a Firewire card included.

Performance The times shown below are all using the Firewire connection, apart from the last one, which is USB. This robust design should keep the optical mechanical assembly system precisely calibrated at all times, enhancing the scanner’s reliability and ease of maintenance, as well as minimising scan times.

Besides enhancing the efficiency of data transfer to the host computer, the scanner can be connected and turned on without having to reboot your computer. Most dramatic in what I obtained were scans with superior detail in highlights and shadows from slides, particularly Kodachromes. The scanner passes the holders right through it, sending them out the back, so you can’t position the scanner against mcrotek wall.

Microtek ArtixScan 4000tf Scanner

Installation went without a hitch, and we were soon ready to do some test scans. So considering this, we’d suggest it should microtej high on the priority list of anyone wanting the best possible 4000ft for under The first 35mm film scanner I tested cost as much as a new car, was half the resolution of today’s, and was slow.


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Possibly of more value overall, the results I obtained with SilverFast 6. Brooks, All Rights Reserved. The Minolta has none. There are no comments here!

Microtek ArtixScan 4000TF Film Scanner Review

We have ratings, but no written reviews for this, yet. This Kodachrome image made in a daylight studio I had years ago was published several times in the days of analog color separations. I am sure that some of the quality improvements in scans from color negative film–including smooth tone transitions, better detail definition and separation artixdcan tones were due to the scanner’s increased capabilities.

What is Plus Membership? You must be a member to leave a comment. The scanner can detect the type of medium being scanned to increase scanning productivity and shorten scan times.

Now you can find a black and white film profile that will provide an effective translation of the image without any posterization, highlight blocking, or dropped out shadow detail, at least with medium speed, ISO finer grained films.

ICE should not be your top priority unless you are mass producing images. As an example, I made a sizable collection of colorful water reflection photos over time, and in hindsight I should have used a polarizing filter to reduce the overhead influence of the sky to enhance the intensity of the subject microyek reflected, but did not. Ready for Your Close-Up?: The ScanWizard software has a lot of potential, certainly offering the features most users would require.


I found that it works sufficiently well with most film images to substantially reduce manual cleanup with the Rubber Stamp tool in Photoshop.

Microtek ArtixScan tf – film scanner – desktop – USB, FireWire Overview – CNET

My enthusiasm fading for the film was not due to its qualities, which remain excellent, but I found it to be difficult to scan and the advantages of the film were diminished by mediocre scan results. Besides offering a speed advantage we’ve also found Firewire to be a more reliable interface in general.

ACR Adaptive Color Restoration is a part of the Selective Color Correction function, and is intended to provide recovery of color intensity in faded film originals.

Today, everyone gets the gift of free Plus membership for 1 month as a ‘thank you’ from the ePHOTOzine team for your continued support! But on closer inspection, considering the very definite refinement in performance of both hardware and software, the upgrades are more than worthwhile. Evaluation And Recommendation Both of the upgrades in the specifications for the ArtixScan tf from the previous model and of SilverFast from 5.

Fujitsu fi Document Scanner Equally significant, in a different way, is that the tf provides two easy, fast connection interface options:

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